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“We have runway for a year. Should we cut more?”

“Is it time for us to sell the company or continue on?”

“Many customers are gone. How to change the product to suit the new era?”

As a CEO, founder or executive, you feel very lonely sometimes.

You cannot share various thoughts and questions with your board or other executives. Everyone has an interest. It can be used against you.

What you need is a safe and confidential environment, where you can work these issues with an external unbiased expert who is unconditionally on your side. A veteran that has been in these situations in the past and prevailed.

This is what Stand-By-You is about. The service includes consultation regarding all facets of running a company, hard and soft skills, including strategy, product, marketing, sales, finance, human resources and legal:

  • Setting and modifying corporate strategy and business plan

  • Spotting early on SWOTs and blind spots and dealing with them

  • Preparing and executing fund raising with the right partners

  • Strategizing, managing and negotiating your exit event

  • Managing your relationship with the Board of Directors and investors

  • Recruiting, structuring and operating a strong management team


Gadi Royz, Founder and CEO, Quiksee (Sold to Google)

“Shmulik's strategic mindset, end-to-end set of skills and deep understanding in growth and scale, have contributed substantially to our success and resulting sale to Google. Aside of his amazingly warm personality and charm, Shmulik can bring essential value to any entrepreneur out there in the wild”


Amichai Bar-Nir, CEO, Cognifit

“Shmulik understood the hectic environment of uncertainty that we are up against, and was there for me when I needed it, with his calm and positive attitude. His wisdom and creative capabilities helped me a lot during endless tough moments. I always found myself with new perspectives, to reach the best decisions. As a professional CEO, I highly recommend using his services”




My name is Shmulik Aran. Stand-By-You is a business and personal growth mentoring service for small to medium company’s leaders, leveraging my experience, studies and personality, including:

  • Nextnine’s CEO, turning it around from a company close to shut down into an industrial cyber security world leader up to its acquisition by Honeywell.

  • Partner at XT Holdings, a private equity firm. Led successful investments and turnarounds with a 2x to 8x exit returns, like: ECI (Swarth Group), YaData (Microsoft), Kailight Photonics (Optium), Quiksee (Google).


  • Comverse Technology, the world leading voice mail company, in sales, marketing and R&D management positions, growing from 80 to 5000 employees, and to a 10$B NASDAQ traded company.


  • IDF, 8200, leading a research and development project that won the Israel Security Award.


  • MSc in Electrical Engineering, BSc in Mathematics and Physics (Talpiot), both with honors.


  • Nissan Nativ acting school. Maharaba clowning school and street theater.


  • Various leadership, coaching, negotiation and group facilitation courses.

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